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Planning and Materials Manager

Location : Racine, WI
Employment Type : Full Time
Shift : 1st shift

The Planning and Materials Manager is responsible for developing and implementing strategies to support manufacturing and on-time delivery of Twin Disc’s industrial products. This role will lead a team of production planners to effectively create and maintain a production schedule to exceed our customer requirements. Collaboration with multiple departments to achieve manufacturing productivity and optimal inventory levels is the foundation of this role. The Planning and Materials Manager will also oversee the activities related to the shipping and receiving departments to develop and manage the Plan For Every Part (PFEP) strategy to support the materials team and flow throughout the manufacturing facility.


BS in Business Administration, Supply Chain or similar experience with a focus in production scheduling, inventory control, and forecasting.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Manage and use the MPS, forecast module, planned orders and/or planning bills, to establish a 24-month supply strategy for every BOM (end item) based on the sales and operations plan.  Optimize scheduled quantities within end-to-end lead-time to fill incoming demand (customer orders)  while managing inventory levels.  Work with the Senior Production Manager, production supervisors, and planners to develop plans and alternatives in capacity planning.
  2. Create and implement inventory allocation strategies to maximize inventory placement, turns, sales, and customer experience. Analyze current inventory levels and identifying trends to determine when additional inventory should be ordered to maintain optimal levels. Measure and report on master schedule and inventory performance.
  3. Continuously improve key end-to-end planning performance indicators from Forecast MAPEs to customer on-time delivery.
  4. Review the availability of manufactured and purchased parts for the assigned departments.
  5. Establish production schedules to meet customer needs while ensuring raw materials are viable to support production.  Identify opportunities to reduce costs through more efficient use of raw materials or by reducing waste in production processes.
  6. Work closely with the procurement team to ensure raw materials are available in sufficient quantities to meet production demands and work orders are processed correctly by suppliers.
  7. Review and advise on requests for delivery quotes from Customer Service, Sales, and Domestic and International Marketing.
  8. Evaluate incoming orders, requested changes for delivery dates, demonstrated assembly output, cell capacity, released engineering changes, and the impact of new product releases to re-plan/modify the MPS weekly per supply strategy policy guidelines.
  9. Initiate and/or coordinate problem resolution on identified Master Schedule problems or impacts (i.e. material, capacity, machines down).
  10. Set BOM (end item) system parameters to auto schedule new work orders at end-to-end lead-time if no un-allocated scheduled requirements exist with end-to-end lead-time to assure master scheduler input and avoid scheduling in excess of existing capacity/demonstrated output.
  11. Allocate units and accessories for customer orders, ensuring all system transactions are properly made.
  12. Responsible for budgeted inventory levels and maintaining inventory accuracy by investigating and reconciling all discrepancies between computer records and actual inventory.
  13. Investigate root causes of inventory errors and recommend specific corrective actions when error rates exceed acceptable levels, analyze excess and obsolete inventory and recommend stock disposition.
  14. With the Senior Production Manager and production supervisors, coordinate the creation of daily assembly build schedules within the constraints of the MPS and demonstrated assembly output.
  15. Oversee planners to ensure a disciplined application of GBS system for them to meet sales forecasts and to balance the level of manpower and machine requirements.  Make certain that deviations to the production schedule are investigated and properly followed up. Maintain measurements of Planner performance by cell and job function and identify individual planner training needs and then schedule and/or provide applicable training.
  16. Identification and facilitation of lead-time reduction projects for Planners by cell, work center, and/or part number.
  17. Oversee the activities related to the shipping and receiving departments and develop and manage PFEP strategy to support the materials team and flow throughout the manufacturing facility.
  18. Manage monthly international shipping requirements by working with our customers and their freight forwarders to insure timely shipments.
  19. Directly manage 2-7 employees, to include the normal management functions of interview and selection, work direction, training and development, and performance review.
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