For use with EC300DP Power Commander and Twin Disc marine transmissions

The EC300 Backup Propulsion Control System provides fully redundant propulsion control of EC300DP Power Commander systems with electronically governed engine and Twin Disc Quickshift® marine transmissions. Only the wiring to the marine transmission is shared; all other control devices are independent for primary and backup propulsion control.

The Backup is available for electronically governed engines that require a 4-20mA throttle signal. Ask us about other throttle signal options.

  • Plug-and-play interface box for Twin Disc Quickshift® and standard marine transmissions configured for EC300DP, with associated harnesses
    • Intuitive operator panel with integrated throttle/transmission control knobs
    • Backup engine and marine transmission commands can be received directly from a compatible, customer-supplied local operator panel
    • Integral “direction confirmation” feedback for engine systems that require potential free contacts to confirm ahead, neutral, astern
    • Integrated neutral start interlock inhibits engine start when either the backup system is commanding clutch engagement, or the marine transmission manual override is engaged
    • Two interface boxes and operator panels can be used for backup on triple or quad-screw vessels
    • Option for backup control of Twin Disc marine transmission with internal shaft brake


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