Revolutionizing Docking and Slow-Speed Maneuvers

Just push the joystick—your boat goes in that direction. The Express Joystick System (EJS®) instantly actuates engines, transmissions, propellers and thrusters, in proportion to the pressure you exert. You can point the bow in any direction without moving from a fixed position. Crab the boat diagonally. Slip it straight sideways. Even rotate it 360°.

Unlike some competitive systems, EJS® provides precise, proportional thrust on main propellers and bow (or bow and stern) thrusters to allow for continuous, powerful maneuverability.

  • Push, twist and go maneuvering for diesel-powered, shaftline boats
  • Proven QuickShift® transmission and EC300 control technologies
  • Simultaneous, instant control of engines, transmissions, thrusters
  • Eliminates steering wheel and control lever use in docking

Easy to learn. Easy to use. Ergonomically friendly.


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