Deck Mounted

If your vessel is not equipped with an engine room, then a deck set may provide an interesting solution. The installation can be driven electrically, hydraulically or by diesel engine.

Four versions

The deck set is available in four different versions:

  • Permanent emplacement
  • Lifting: rudder propeller is raised/lowered vertically
  • Tilting: rudder propeller can be tilted at an angle
  • Combination of lifting and tilting


For maximum efficiency the propeller should be below the baseline of the vessel but when the vessel sails in shallow water there are limitations for positioning the propeller. A thruster which is adjustable in height may be the answer. This lifting system is constructed from two sliding rods near the upper gearbox and a clamp around the vertical outer tube of the thruster. Hydraulic cylinders move the complete thruster up and down.


Removing debris from a propeller is made easier when the thruster can be tilted. Hydraulic cylinders and a strengthened upper gearbox make an easy-to-operate tilting system. It also makes it possible to exchange the propeller without dry-docking the vessel.

A tilting system is worth the extra effort when a vessel sails in waters with a lot of floating debris.

The major advantage of a deck set is that the Z-drive is easy to install and to replace. The deck set is also easily accessible for servicing.

Lifting system

If your empty vessel has a tendency to draw in air at the propellers, a thruster lifting system can provide an appropriate solution. This allows the propeller to be adjusted in height.

An empty vessel no longer requires ballast, but can lower its propeller to the required height.

Product Specifications

Would you like to know more about Deck Mounting? Look at the product specifications in the brochure.

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