Parallel Hybrid: Creep Drive with Energy Storage

With this parallel hybrid system, the vehicle is driven mechanically; the primary power source is a diesel engine.


High Voltage

Data / Command Signals

System Overview

  • Parallel hybrid using diesel and electric power
  • Electric power boosts diesel power in high demand periods or is used independently during low-demand periods (e.g. creep mode)
  • During low-power operation, the e-motor can use excess diesel power to generate electricity
  • Power regeneration is possible through vehicle braking

Transfer Case

  • Mechanical interface to direct mount e-motor/generator to input

Hybrid Controller

  • Manages power distribution, interfacing with customer’s vehicle/machine controller and high voltage equipment


  • Selection based on application characteristics (torque, installation)

Inverter, High Voltage Equipment

  • Controlled and monitored by hybrid controller

Energy Storage & BMS

  • Selection based on application characteristics

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