Full Electric: Single Electric Motor with Energy Storage

This full electric propulsion system uses a single electric motor. It’s most suitable for short-trip vessels (e.g., ferries, pilot boats, inland waterways vessels, harbor vessels, small yachts, and fish-farming vessels) with sufficient shore time to charge batteries, and for those operating in restricted areas and zero-emission zones.


High Voltage

Data / Command Signals

System Overview

  • Serial hybrid using electric power
  • Machinery compartments can be located to optimize cargo space or meet class requirements

Reduction Gearbox

  • Allows for standard speed/smaller e-motor through motor speed reduction
  • Bi-directional input to utilize e-motor directional capabilities
  • Meets all applicable marine standards, including survey society approvals

Propulsion Controller

  • Twin Disc standard propulsion controller and operator interface

Hybrid Controller

  • Manages power distribution, interfacing with propulsion controller and high voltage equipment


  • Selection based on application characteristics (torque, installation)

Inverter, High Voltage Equipment

  • Controlled and monitored by hybrid controller

Energy Storage & BMS

  • Selection based on application characteristics

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