Parallel Hybrid: Diesel + Dual Electric Motors with Energy Storage

This parallel hybrid system features dual electric motors per drivetrain. It’s best suited for vessels such as mid-size passenger vessels, patrol boats, or workboats/fishing boats requiring higher electric power to accomplish their duty cycle in restricted areas and zero-emission zones.

High Voltage

Data / Command Signals

System Overview

  • Parallel hybrid using diesel and electric power
  • During low-power operation, the e-motor can use excess diesel power to generate electricity
  • In high-demand phases, electric power can boost diesel power

RePTO Drive with MasterClutch™

  • Installed between diesel engine and E-Motor/generator providing mechanical interface to direct-mount E-Motors/generators
  • Supports all features of QuickShift® transmission
  • Permits power generation through PTO/PTI in forward, neutral and reverse
  • Prevents engine back-driving during electric-only operation

Marine Transmission

  • Based on standard marine transmission, with same footprint and selection criteria and proven worldwide support
  • No trailing pump needed; transmission is lubricated as diesel or e-motor drives it
  • Efficient design minimizes losses

Propulsion Controller

  • Twin Disc standard propulsion controller and operator interface

Hybrid Controller

  • Manages power distribution, interfacing with propulsion controller and high voltage equipment

E-Motor/Inverter, High Voltage Equipment

  • Selection based on application characteristics
  • Controlled and monitored by hybrid controller

Energy Storage

  • Selection based on application characteristics
  • Controlled and monitored by hybrid controller

Profitable. Sustainable. Powerful.

These innovative hybrid and electric systems support greener power transmission while delivering the reliability you expect from Twin Disc. Explore some of Twin Disc’s hybrid and electrification options, then contact our team of experts to learn about the endless custom solutions available to create the optimal system. With more than a hundred years of experience in the design of innovative power transmission products, Twin Disc understands your needs and delivers the solutions that earn your confidence.


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