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Veth Propulsion develops and produces various types of rudder propellers from 50 kW up to 3MW. The type of rudder propeller that best suits your needs depends on factors such as the type of vessel you have and any other requirements you may have. Does your vessel have little draft and you want 360 degree manoeuvrability? If so the Veth Z-drive is a good solution, Veth Propulsion will customize the thruster to your specific needs.

Advantages of the Z-drive (compared to a conventional system)

  • 360 degrees full thrust, thus optimum maneuverability
  • 2% more efficiency than with a conventional propeller
  • Possibility for flexible suspension (better insulation from noise and vibration)
  • Ability to change propeller without docking
  • Simple to install in a variety of ways
  • More room for passengers / cargo due to compact construction
  • No separate gearbox needed
  • Ideally suited for Dynamic Positioning (DP)
  • Safer, through shorter emergency stopping distance and improved maneuverability

Horizontal vs. Vertical (Z-drive vs L-drive)

In the case of electric and hydraulic units, you can also choose for a vertical drive: the Veth L-drive. Here, the motor is mounted vertically and the upper gearbox with optional clutch is eliminated. The integrated steering transmission, however, is the same as on a Z-drive. An advantage of an L-drive is that, in the absence of a gear transmission, the resulting efficiency is higher than the one of a Z-drive.

Other Rudder Propellers

Hybrid Drive

Shallow Draft



Deck Mounted


Counter Rotating

Veth Integrated L-drive


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