• Bronze in-line (ASD10B1l)
  • Aluminum-Bronze Drop-center (ASD10B1S)
  • Bronze thrust assembly
  • Bronze (B) or aluminum (C) drop box (drop-center drives only)
  • Internal lube oil reservoir
  • Steering cylinder with external hoses and fittings
  • Trim cylinder with external hoses and fittings
  • Installation manual, owner’s manual and drive ball wrench (one per ship set)


  • Anode Kit
  • Cylinder position indicator kits with gauge
  • Hydraulic power steering system
  • Gearbox adapter
  • Driveline (cardan shaft)
  • Companion (input) flange
  • Tie-bar (mechanical or hydraulic – for multiple engine vessels)
  • Inboard cylinder mounting kit
  • Propeller

Technical Data

Drop Distance 0” 10” 16”

Reduction Ratio /

Maximum Input Torque

1.00:1 /

2000 ft-lbs

1.00:1 /

1500 ft-lbs

Unit Weight 417 lbs C: 560 lbs C: 600 lbs
B: 750 lbs B: 820 lbs
Overall Length 53” 63”
Nominal Shaft Diameter 2.5” 2.5”
Steering Angle 40° 40°
Trim Angle 15° 15°

ASD10 In-Line Surface Drive Schematics

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ASD10 Schematics

Specifications subject to change without prior notice in the interest of continual product improvement. Contact your local Twin Disc representative for engineering specifications, Survey Society Approvals and Classifications.


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