Twin Disc pioneered the slipping clutch concept more than 30 years ago and today offers a full line of timetested, field-proven Marine Control Drives (MCDs).

The new series of MCDs offers distinct operating advantages for any vessel requiring highly accurate positioning or extreme slow-speed maneuverability while splitting main engine power to operate high-powered FiFi pumps.

  • Extraordinarily modulated power achieves propeller speeds below engine idling speed
  • Unique design and manufacture allow for intentional clutch slipping to regulate propulsion speed
  • LD (Low Dissipation) slips up to engine idle speed for maneuvering and DP operation*
  • HD (High Dissipation) slips up to rated engine speed with the capability to dissipate all heat generated by that when power dividing*
  • Optional high-power PTO to drive auxiliary equipment
  • Used in conjunction with azimuth thruster systems
  • Best alternative to controllable pitch propellers (CPP)
  • Smooth, gradual propeller speed change resulting in improved maneuverability
  • Safer and easier vessel control during slow speed maneuvering and docking
  • Adjustment of propeller speeds below engine speed rating
  • Divides the power from the main propulsion engine to eliminate the need for auxiliary engines
  • Delivers an instant response when required
  • Bearing calculated for high universal joint angles at maximum power
  • Dynamic positioning (DP) capable
  • Emergency “come home” device per classification requirements
  • Easy, in-engine room maintenance; no need for diver assistance or to dry-dock the vessel

* Slip at any engine speed can be done based upon specific application criteria. Twin Disc’s expert application team will help customize your MCD selection to any desired operator requirement.




MCD-4000-1LD 2.40
MCD-4000-2LD 2.80
MCD-4000-3LD 3.20
MCD-4000-4LD 3.60
MCD-4000-5LD 3.75


Model kW/rpm Dissipation
MCD-4000-1HD 2.40 190 kW
MCD-4000-2HD 2.80 225 kW
MCD-4000-3HD 3.20 250 kW
MCD-4000-4HD 3.60 290 kW
MCD-4000-5HD 3.75 330 kW