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Marine Transmissions for Serial Hybrid and Diesel Electric Propulsion



Twin Disc has taken its field-proven marine transmissions and created the MGE Series of gearboxes. This design provides power from the motor immediately in both clockwise and counter-clockwise directions. All units are equipped with a bi-directional oil pump to provide lubrication no matter the direction of shaft rotation, making these units a perfect fit for serial hybrid and diesel-electric applications or any application requiring a direct power response with a ratio reduction.


  • Vertical offset, lightweight aluminum alloy housing
  • Bi-directional lubrication pump
  • Simplified design without a clutch
  • Same installation envelope as standard marine transmission
  • Same ratios as MGX-5114SC
  • Metric design (except for some power transmitting and plumbing components)
  • Marine survey society type approvals and unit certification available


  • SAE J617 housing no. 1
  • Input flange for freestanding installation
  • Oil strainer mounted


Reduction Ratios Pleasure Craft Light Duty Intermediate Duty Medium Duty Continuous Duty
:1 @ 2300 RPM @ 2300 RPM @ 2100 RPM @ 1800 RPM @ 1800 RPM
1.02, 1.12, 1.50
1.74, 2.04
673 kW
(902 hp)
629 kW
(843 hp)
504 kW
(676 hp)
394 kW
(528 hp)
358 kW
(480 hp)
2.54 466 kW
(625 hp)
3.00 578 kW
(775 hp)
540 kW
(724 hp)
451 kW
(605 hp)
361 kW
(484 hp)
328 kW
(440 hp)

For service classification definitions and important notes refer to the Twin Disc Marine Product Guide or contact Twin Disc directly. The maximum allowable rated engine/motor speed is 3000 rpm.


  • Adaptations for close coupled installation
  • Companion flange/bolts set
  • Mounted heat exchanger
  • Mounting brackets
  • Monitoring devices to customer’s specification


dimensions for MGE-5126SC Freestanding
C 190 mm (7.47 in)
S 161 mm (6.33 in)
F 548 mm (21.58 in)
L 279 mm (11.00 in)
R 191 mm (7.50 in)
Weight 170 kg

* Estimated dry weight with SAE no. 1 input housing & GWB 587.42 input hub.

Specifications subject to change without prior notice in the interest of continual product improvement. Contact your local Twin Disc representative for engineering specifications, Survey Society Approvals and Classifications.


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