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Marine Transmissions for Serial Hybrid and Diesel Electric Propulsion


Standard Equipment

  • Remote V-drive, aluminum housing
  • 10° down angle on output shaft
  • Input flange
  • Electric GP-valve with manual override
  • EC600PC profile module – interface for engagement signals
  • Oil strainer and oil filter


  • Mechanical control valve
  • EC600PC e-troll module and propulsion control system
  • Oil cooler with thermostatic bypass valve
  • Companion flange/ bolts set
  • Monitoring devices to customer’s specification
  • Mounting brackets
  • Live PTO:
    • SAE J744 size 127-4, 32-4 (SAE “C”, 4-bolt, max. 592 Nm)
  • Hydraulic clutchable PTO:
    • SAE J744 size 127-4, 32-4 (SAE “C”, 4-bolt, max. 600 Nm)


For service classification definitions and important notes refer to the Twin Disc Marine Product Guide or contact Twin Disc directly.

Reduction Ratios Pleasure Craft Light Duty Intermediate Duty Medium Duty Continuous Duty
:1 @ 2300 RPM @ 2300 RPM @ 2100 RPM @ 1800 RPM @ 1800 RPM

1.16, 1.25, 1.53

1.79, 2.00

895 kW

(1200 hp)

746 kW

(1000 hp)

560 kW

(751 hp)

485 kW

(650 hp)

445 kW

(597 hp)


847 kW

(1136 hp)

716 kW

(960 hp)

* Ratings shown for use with standard right hand rotation engines. The maximum allowable rated engine speed is 2800 rpm.


Remote V Drive Dimensions
C 232 mm (9.12”)
S 159 mm (6.26”)
F 113 mm (4.46”)
F1 458 mm (18.02”)
L 305 mm (12.01”)
R 305 mm (12.01”)
A 10°
Weight 267 kg *

* dry weight, including input flange

Specifications subject to change without prior notice in the interest of continual product improvement. Contact your local Twin Disc representative for engineering specifications, Survey Society Approvals and Classifications.


Description Download
Product BulletinPDF
Marine Product GuidePDF
Marine CapabilitiesPDF
QuickShift® BrochurePDF

Installation Drawings:

Drawing Number Input Connection Control Valve Companion Flange Heat Exchanger PTO Notes Download
1027763Freestandingmech. (MG-5136RV)STEP IGES
1027609Freestandingelectric, EC050STEP IGES

Accessory Drawings:

Drawing Number Description Download
1027556Assembly DrawingPDF
B3504CAMass Elastic SystemPDF
1027624Input connection: Input hub (O.D. 225 mm, 8 holes ø 16.2 mm)PDF
1025674Electric control valve with EC050 module (without trolling)PDF
1025673Electric control valve with EC050 module (without trolling)PDF
1025691Electric control valve with single point connection for EC300 control systemPDF
1027558Mechanical control valve without trolling valve (MG-5136RV)PDF
1027559Mechanical control valve with trolling valve (MG-5136RV)PDF
1026808AHeat exchanger with thermostatic bypass valvePDF
PX11471Companion flangePDF
1016428AVMounting bracketsPDF