For Friendly Service, Call Sunie

        PTO’s, clutches, and pump drives from deep in the heart of Texas. At our Lufkin, Texas facility, our team is committed to being fast, focused, and friendly. When you need it right and you need it now, call Sunie.


        Customer Confidence in Quality & Delivery

        A fulfillment center designed around YOU. Lufkin Facility Production Supervisor, Dalton Massey, talks the importance of coordinating domestic and international shipments in a timely and efficient manner to ensure customer satisfaction.


        A Factory Focused on the Products You Need

        Intense focus on the clutches, PTOs and pump drives you need, produced and shipped by our fast and friendly product experts in Lufkin, Texas.

        Twin Disc Lufkin: Fast. Focused. Friendly.


        Express Joystick System and Express Positioning by Twin Disc

        Twin Disc’s QuickShift® transmission system is completed with the addition of Express Joystick System (EJS) and Express Positioning System (EPS) providing the ultimate propulsion control with fingertip control; smooth, seamless operations; precise maneuvering and effortless station keeping.



        QuickShift – Stop Slamming and Start Sliding into Gear

        The perfect propulsion system starts with the patented technology of Twin Disc’s QuickShift transmissions. This fully integrated system includes the transmission, clutch, valves, actuators and electronic controls resulting in fast, smooth clutch engagement, exceptional boat handling, precise speed control and an incredibly smooth ride.


        Duffield 58 Featuring Twin Disc Marine Products

        The Duffield 58 is equipped with Twin Disc’s intuitive, versatile marine propulsion control system and a MGX-5136RV transmission.


        E-STEER Product Animation

        Watch the E-STEER in action.


        Industrial Products in Lufkin, Texas

        Tim Stacy, Operations Manager at Twin Disc, speaks with the Lufkin Texas Economic Development Corporation about its new 55,000 square foot facility dedicated to manufacturing power take-offs and clutches for heavy duty industrial equipment.


        Integrated L-drive by Veth Propulsion Product Animation

        Watch the L-drive in action.


        Marine Control Drives – Precise Propulsion and Agile Maneuvering with Full Auxiliary Power

        The MCD Series offers a versatile capacity for power dividing as well as slow-speed maneuvering for rugged-duty azimuth-powered tugs, tow boats, firefighting boats, supply vessels, ocean research crafts, ferries and any dynamic positioning applications.


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