Parallel Hybrid

Parallel Hybrid System pairs the diesel engine with an electric motor. This configuration takes advantage of both, allowing for diesel-only, electric-only, peak shaving, and power boost operation.

Diesel + Electric Motor with Generator Power

Diesel + Electric Motor With Energy Storage

Best suited for vessels with long waits between jobs, slow speed operation, and operating in restricted areas.

Diesel + Single Electric Motor with Energy Storage (Veth)

This traditional diesel-electric propulsion system uses a Veth azimuth thruster and propulsion control system. It’s best suited for vessels operating in restricted areas and zero-emission zones.

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Parallel Hybrid

Diesel + Electric Motor with Generator Power

This parallel hybrid system is capable of generating electricity for hotel loads. It’s most suitable for vessels with long waits between jobs (e.g., tugs, pilot boats, workboats in general, military vessels, and yachts), and for those operating in restricted areas and zero-emission zones. Twin Disc technology enables implementation into any standard marine transmission.
System Overview
  • Parallel hybrid using diesel and electric power
  • During low-power operation, the e-motor can use excess diesel power to generate electricity for hotel load, allowing the hotel load generator to be shut down
  • In high-demand phases, electric power can boost diesel power
Marine Transmission
  • Based on standard marine transmission, with same footprint and selection criteria, for worldwide support
  • No trailing pump needed; transmission is lubricated as diesel or e-motor drives it
  • Efficient design minimizing losses
  • Provides power generation through PTO/PTI in forward, neutral, and reverse
  • Prevents engine back-driving during electric-only operation
  • Allows all features of QuickShift® transmission
PTI Gearbox
  • Drives transmission primary shaft (same as engine) with MasterClutch™ providing disconnect
  • Allows for standard speed/smaller e-motor through motor speed reduction
  • Offset to propeller shaft enables installation of large motors
  • Reductions from 1.0:1 to 2.5:1
  • Integrated sea water pump cools transmission during electric propulsion
  • PTO available for onboard hydraulics (e.g., steering pump)
Propulsion Controller
  • Twin Disc standard propulsion controller and operator interface
Hybrid Controller
  • Manages power distribution, interfacing with propulsion controller and high voltage equipment
E-Motor/Inverter, High Voltage Equipment
  • Selection based on application characteristics
  • Controlled and monitored by hybrid controller

Diesel + Dual Electric Motors with Energy Storage



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