U.S. Shipyards taking notice of Netherlands-based manufacturer

In North America, Veth Propulsion expects smooth sailing ahead — and milestone projects in recent months are pointing the way.

For more than 70 years, Veth Propulsion has enjoyed steady growth as a leader in marine propulsion solutions. Their position in the global market has only expanded in the last two decades due to an increase in innovative products and development of key partnerships.

Now, a strong presence in the United States is well underway.

Veth Propulsion’s relationship with U.S. customers goes as far back as 2005, when they won a contract to supply 40 thruster systems to the U.S. Navy. In the years since, they’ve brought aboard key distributors, including Twin Disc, a global leader in power transmission. In 2018, they took their partnership to the next level when Twin Disc acquired Veth, while also remaining one of their key distributors.

These events set the stage for Veth Propulsion to thrive in North America. They are now able to sell thrusters in key regions across the U.S. and Canada with the same level of service that brought them success in Europe.

Through Sewart Supply — a distributor and strong partner serving the Gulf of Mexico region — Veth Propulsion’s innovative Z-drives and L-drives have been delivered for a variety of vessels, including push boats and river cruises. Meanwhile, a new partnership with distributor Palmer Johnson has resulted in big project wins elsewhere in the country. One such customer is Southern Illinois Transfer, one of the Midwest’s earliest adopters of modern propulsion systems. Their boats are among the first in the region to incorporate Veth Z-drives.

As these trends take shape, U.S. vessel designers increasingly are seeking out suppliers who can work with them earlier in the design process and provide future-proof solutions. Veth has proven its capability to do so on both fronts.

“U.S. customers who work with Veth Propulsion can expect a reliable distributor presence, as well as solutions for a wide variety of vessels,” said Ron Leeuwesteijn, Veth Propulsion Area Sales Manager. “We’re proud to be helping a new customer base solve their vessel design challenges.”

Vessels equipped with Veth Propulsion thrusters have experienced simplified installation, increased maneuverability, quieter and more efficient operation, and overall better performance. In addition to diesel direct, both hybrid and electric integrated motor systems have been part of Veth Propulsion’s thruster portfolio for several years.

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The full line of Veth Propulsion’s azimuth rudder propellers, thrusters and marine electronics is now available at  The addition of these products to Twin Disc’s family of brands and its website gives customers access to a comprehensive portfolio of power transmission and propulsion systems at a single point of contact.

The updated website has been designed to offer the ultimate user-friendly experience with improved navigation and functionality while allowing customers to see the full product portfolio and market expertise Twin Disc can offer.  This paves the way for the development of even more efficient products, services and complete total solutions for all customer groups.

Created with the user experience in mind, the site includes many new features to help users to quickly and easily navigate the site and find the film or adhesive product they need.  Enhanced features include:

  • more contact opportunities
  • interactive modules
  • insight into core activities
  • products & references
  • current news through the online news module
  • access to our global sales & service network

“The updated website focuses on the customer as well as product and technical specifications, and invites visitors to connect with Twin Disc to find a perfect solution,” said Chantal Bakker, Regional Marketing Manager at Twin Disc.  “This combination makes the website a unique and a powerful communication tool.”

Veth Propulsion has a long history of successful installations of its innovative products in commercial vessels, both inland and offshore, as well as in pleasure craft and military vessels. The company engineers and manufactures azimuth rudder propellers, thrusters and marine electronics, and is a supplier and servicer of diesel engines and generator sets. Since 1951, its quality equipment has been widely respected by shipyards and naval architects worldwide.  The company was acquired by Twin Disc, Inc. in 2018 and continues to expand its worldwide sales and service network.


Veth Propulsion by Twin Disc gives us an edge in electrification, thanks to two key factors:

  • Industry-leading technology known for innovation and reliability
  • A passion for working directly with the customer—sitting at the table with boat builders and end users, exchanging ideas and feedback

For example, when superyacht designers sought very compact propulsion with less noise and vibration, Veth worked with shipbuilding researchers to change its thrusters accordingly. That change convinced major yacht builders to use the Integrated L-Drive.

Our focus on the customer has helped increase market share in applications such as inland shipping, where deliveries and service continue strong during the pandemic. And interest contin-ues to grow in our Integrated L-Drive, as we help the market switch to electric propulsion.

Of course, you want to collaborate with the right people. Our team acts as if Veth is their own company—a company dedicated to working together for the customer.

Suppliers tell us you can feel that difference. Customers send us texts like the one recently re-ceived by Technical Director Marco Huisman: “What you did was awesome.”

Come sit at the table with Veth Propulsion, and let’s inspire each other.


Veth Propulsion received the 2020 Work Boat World Best Side Thruster Supplier Award from Baird Maritime.

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Considering that this year it celebrates 70 years of involvement with the maritime sector, it’s safe to say that Veth Propulsion by Twin Disc can claim to know a thing or two about marine propulsion. The Papendrecht, Netherlands-based firm has grown into a global player, but it prides itself on remaining true to its origins where meeting the customer’s (service) expectations and the personal touch are key elements.

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Veth Propulsion delivers 40 Steering Grids to Concordia Damen for Parsifal LNG tankers

Concordia Damen has selected Veth Propulsion by Twin Disc as the bow thruster supplier for a large-scale project – a series of 40 Parsifal LNG tankers. On Friday, December 18, 2020, both parties signed the contract for the delivery of 40 efficient Veth Steering Grids and accompanying electric motors. The first bow thrusters will be delivered to the shipyard in early 2021.

The construction of these sustainable LNG tankers will take place over the next four years. Each will be equipped with a VSG-1200L Steering Grid and 425 kW electric motors. Wim Boom, Area Sales Manager Veth Propulsion, is very proud of this order. “This is the crowning glory of the collaboration with Concordia Damen that has existed for many years,” said Boom. “Together we coordinated the planning and were able to think along in the entire process.”

First delivery at the end of 2021

The first bow thrusters are scheduled for delivery in February 2021, and will ship monthly from the Veth Propulsion workshop for the duration of the project. The first complete vessel is sched-uled for delivery in November 2021. The vessels will be chartered by Shell to transport mineral oils between Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp and the Rhine network.

Proud partners

The investment branch of the American bank JP Morgan will become the owner of all the ships. “Veth Propulsion ultimately turned out to be the most interesting and best suited partner for this project,” said Tim van Berchum, Financial Manager of Concordia Damen. The vessels will be operated by the VT Group, which is familiar with Veth’s bow thrusters. Proud partners who know what they have to offer each other.

“We are continuously working on sustainability as demonstrated in previous projects such as the Oranje Nassau V and VI and the Den Bosch Max vessels. With the delivery to the Parsifal ves-sels, we continue to collaborate to make the sector even more sustainable than it already is,” said Boom.

About Twin Disc, Inc.

Twin Disc, Inc. designs, manufactures and sells marine and heavy-duty off-highway power transmission equipment. Products offered include marine transmissions, azimuth drives, surface drives, propellers, and boat management systems, as well as power-shift transmissions, hy-draulic torque converters, power take-offs, industrial clutches, and control systems. The Com-pany sells its products to customers primarily in the pleasure craft, commercial and military ma-rine markets, as well as in the energy and natural resources, government, and industrial mar-kets. The Company’s worldwide sales to both domestic and foreign customers are transacted through a direct sales force and a distributor network. For more information, please visit