Robust Twin Disc transmission promotes frac rig productivity

CNPC West fracturing rig

When China’s CNPC West Drilling, one of the region’s top oil and gas businesses, needed a more reliable fracturing rig, they turned to Twin Disc. Our TA90-7600 transmission systems are designed specifically for pressure-pumping rigs for oil and gas well stimulation.

The unique Twin Disc system eliminates the torque converter, uniting a deceptively simple countershaft design with heavy-duty clutch assemblies for durability—delivering performance that matches pressure-pumping rig engine life.

The TA90-7600 still allows full range-to-range power shifts with no throttle dipping. And the compact size lets it fit between the frame rails of mobile equipment.

CNPC came to prefer the simple, robust design when initial use showed the system delivers long hours of high performance in challenging conditions.

“This model has been in field fracturing operation for more than 500 hours,” says CNPC’s Yan Zhiyong, leader of the field fracturing team. “It shows consistently good, smooth performance.”

Additional advantages include gear ratios that create a better flow rate, maintaining pressure and thereby increasing production. Closely spaced gear ratios maintain more consistent pump flow rate, optimizing engine performance. Smooth shifting minimizes shock to the whole drive train, extending time between overhauls — and living up to CNPC’s expectations that the firm can count on Twin Disc.

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