Veth Compact Jet

Why a Veth Compact Jet?

  • Higher efficiency, especially at higher speeds, due to the propeller angle of 17°
  • Minimum noise / vibrations at maximum thrust (flexible suspension) and minimum draft
  • Optimum maneuverability: maximum thrust possible through 360°
  • Compact and easy to install
  • No channels are required
  • Suitable for DP
  • Also suitable as a propulsion
  • Diesel, electric (V1, B3) and hydraulic drive options available
  • Choice of ClassicLine and CrystalLine control systems

Suitable as a propulsion system

By combining maximum thrust in any position with the fact that there are no vulnerable parts protruding below the hull, the Veth Compact Jet is also ideal to use as propulsion. Because the propeller angle of17° angle, the intake duct is directed forward allowing it to suck in water more easily, even at higher speeds. The outflow channel rotates simultaneously, with the same thrust in any direction, resulting in stable and predictable steering performance. This solution has already been applied to e.g. Multicats and in making barges self-propelled.

The Veth Compact Jet can be found only at Veth Propulsion and is part of the shallow draft family. Do you have any questions or would you like more information? Please contact us.


Water is sucked through the propeller at an angle under the vessel. The water needs to bend less, resulting in a higher yield. With the hydrodynamic streamlined housing, the water is pushed in any desired direction with great force. This is because the system consists of a rotating structure, so that the outflowing water is blown off of the propeller.


Product Specifications

Would you like to know more about Veth Compact Jets? Look at the product specifications in the brochure.

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